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'WE DO A LITTLE GUTTER ART': GCG Member Voodoo Salad Cooks Up Rad Gang Gang Creations!

This new Gutter Cat Gang member is tossing up some fresh art on the TL for the Gang to dig into!

Voodoo Salad (@VoodooSalad) recently posted a time-lapse, showing the transformation of a GCG Alien Cat illustration, tweeting, "Gm. We do a little Gutter Art. Powered by @BeanieGangg." Check out the 30 second video below!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Voodoo Salad to find out more about his creations and Beanie Gang connection.

He said, "I got asked by @NyCleaner to create derivatives after he saw my work on Twitter. I did a few renditions in my style for other collectors, but it was still a total coincidence."

Voodoo Salad has been creating mixed media art and photography for a while, and only started doing illustrations and smaller designs when his wife mentioned the potential in posting on Instagram.

"I've started to do new drawings every few days since 2017 and haven't stopped for a bit since! Commissions started to flow in at one point and I left my job in 2019. I've been freelancing ever since." Check out one of his latest creations, the rad Beanie Gang piece below:

As far as NFTs go, Voodoo Salad told the GCT, "People were asking me if I'm familiar with the space and I kinda was, but I didn't know much, so I asked around and did my research. I started to mint in 2021 on Foundation and on OpenSea, and I got access to SuperRare later that year."

Gang can reach out to Voodoo Salad on Twitter if you're interested in a dope derivative or other piece by Voodoo Salad! Check out his piece for GutterBeats here:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the community's creators! Follow us @guttercattimes for all things Gutter, all the time!

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