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GAME ON: Gutter Cat Gang Gears Up For Chimpers Dojo Clash! Find Out How to Join In & Win Prizes When It Kicks Off Tomorrow:

The Gutter Cat Gang is getting its shot in the dojo!

Tomorrow, Chimpers (@ChimpersNFT) launches its Dojo Clash, a two-week long arcade game contest that brings communities from across NFT projects together to vie for prizes and glory!

"Warriors hailing from all corners of the NFT world will participate in the biggest Dojo Clash ever tomorrow! They have also brought some very special prizes that will be up for grabs by playing… Our contest goes live tomorrow, and EVERYONE is invited!" Chimpers tweeted today.

The contest will be live for two-weeks, and the top 3 players will win the top three prizes, which include:

1st: 1 Chimpers NFT, 1 Tier 1 Gem, 1 WAGMI Brigade, 1 Bathroom Blues

2nd: 1 Tier 2 Gem, 1 Bathroom Blues

3rd: 1 Tier 3 Gem, 1 Bathroom Blues

In addition, all players can enter raffles for the chance to win varied prizes from Chimpers' partner communities. Raffles will happen at the end of the two-week period.

Check out the rad raffle prizes below, including: a MAYC skateboard, a BAYC hoodie, a Gutter Cat Gang DNA 1 Clone, and much more!

On January 27th, Chimpers (@ChimpersNFT) tweeted, "Time to unveil the next Dojo contenders! Let’s welcome @GutterCatGang and @KaijuKingz to the Chimpverse for our upcoming Dojo Clash Mini Game! Stay tuned for who’s next!"

Chimpers' dojo launched in July of 2022, according to a Medium article. The dojo was created to "make a fun, engaging, simple and low-cost gamified staking system," and an adventure story.

Get ready to jump into the Dojo Clash and get your Gutter game face on for a chance to pick up prizes!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the Chimpers Dojo Clash game and bring you news and updates! Stay tuned for more.

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time!

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