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UNSOLVED MYSTERY: A Cryptic Tweet Leads The Gang To Wonder What "Was The Case?"

Updated: May 8, 2023

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang's got things cookin' and keeps turning up the heat!

When the Gutter Cat Gang tweeted, "Gutter Was The Case," this afternoon, the Gutter Cat Times went looking for clues to find out what this might mean for the Gang.

"The Case" tweet shows an illustration with a red brick wall on what looks to be an homage to Snoop Dogg's 1993 Doggystyle album cover, down to the Parental Advisory, Explicit Lyrics warning in the lower left corner. All four Gutter species are represented, plus a mouse saying "Free Cheese." Check out the covers side-by-side below.

Following this tweet, many in the GCG on the TL are wondering if "Gutter Was The Case," is a nod to Snoop Dogg's Murder Was the Case soundtrack from this album that chronicles Snoop's fictional death and resurrection after making a deal with the Devil.

The picture also shows a dog house with a sign, "Beware of the Gutter Dog!!" Could this be a reference to the location on the Gutter City map, Gutter Records? GCG community member justradko wondered, "Gutter Records' first album cover?

Gutter Records' is described as "a legendary record label owned by the Dogs of Gutter City. Despite no new releases in a minute, the label has a reputation for only putting out chart topping hits. The residents of Gutter City eagerly anticipate the day the label drops another hot track. The label's absence has only added to its mystique and many speculate its return."

Though we can't say whether or not there's an album dropping or if Snoop is involved, we do know that in 2022, Snoop Dogg picked up Gutter Dog #341, a 7-Trait with Fish Scale Fur, Yellow-Blue Eyes, Stubble Beard, Dillinger Hat, Dog Tags Necklace, Brown Coat, and Yellow Background.

This may also just be "for the culture," Gang.

Lots still to unfold in this Gutter mystery (like, what's with the mouse and "Free cheese" reference, Gutter Bets...?)! The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and bring you the latest.

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