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TRICK OR TREAT: GCG Member lethaumaturge Launches Season 2 Of 'It's Not A Gutter!' Find Out More:

The Gutter's getting a treat with some "spooktacular" scary art!

Gutter Cat Gang member, lethaumaturge.eth (@le_thaumaturge) recently tweeted, "GMGG Halloween is coming... season 2 of @itsnotagutter, too. Drop tomorrow 10/28/23 6:00 pm EST 0.05 each 1/1. PRESALE NOW 0.04 for @GutterCatGang owner. GangGang!"

Lethaumaturge shared a video clip of famous "Gutter-fied," Halloween characters including Chucky from 'Child's Play,' and Freddy Krueger from 'Nightmare On Elm Street."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Lethaumaturge to find out more about these creepy creations and his time in the Gutter Cat Gang.

He said, "I joined the Gang in 2022 with the Clones and recently scooped my forever Cat. I discovered a pretty incredible community, but also a community bringing together varied artists. It's nice to be supported and to support in turn."

Lethaumaturge created Season 1 of "It's Not a Gutter" in 2021, making derivatives inspired by pop culture: "The community liked it," he said. Check out a few of the Season 1 Cats below and on OpenSea here:…

Lethaumaturge added, "With Noah, the new Mayor, a real renaissance for Gutter arrived and that motivated me to launch 'It's Not A Gutter' Season 2."

"This time it's focused on Halloween and films of horror. The drop is happening tonight at 6:00 pm EST and Gutter friends can reserve their @itsnotagutter by DMing me at a discounted price," he explained.

Season 2's scary Cats are below and on OpenSea:

Get your hands on your "It's Not A Gutter," and DM Lethaumaturge for more information and a GCG deal!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and artists and bring the latest to the Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for more fun from the Gutter.

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