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Tribute To Dr. Leo: Gutter Love For Former GCG Community Manager From His Fans!

Ain't no love like Gutter love.

The Gutter Cat Gang's Co-Community Manager announced he's stepping away from the role today, and the Gutter community stepped up with stories of his heroism, bravery, skillz, and more, celebrating this icon of the Gutter.

Dr. Leo tweeted, "Today I am officially walking away from the role of Co-CM of GCG with Heady. I'd like to thank everyone that has been in my corner for the last almost 9 months and honestly the prior year before that. A lot of ups and downs but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger."

He added, "Shout out to everyone on the team. Shout out to everyone that has been in my corner since day 1. It's been one hell of a journey. I have a lot of other things to say and will probably start doing so throughout the next few hours/days but for now I am just going to say Thanks."

After Dr. Leo's announcement, r0seNY rose to the occasion to celebrate this legendary Gutter's contributions, calling on the GCG community to share their fond memories of the departing Co-CM:

"Now that @DrDicatrio is no longer with us, I feel like it's appropriate to think back on all the good times with Leo. I'll go first. Leo actually created all of @thepuffergang custom vests by hand. He's an expert seamstress & kept it a secret. Post your Leo story below."

The community jumped in, bringing with them tales of Leo's impact on their lives.

HabitualLineStepper.ETH (@KryptoMissionss) tweeted, "I'll always remember when I went in for a sprained ankle and got a prostate exam."

r0seNY responded," The doctor and his love for medical screening tests. Guy used to check his own prostate daily. Safety first."

Skooby.eth shared, "Awhile back, my ex-wife went into labor prematurely and we weren't able to make it to the hospital. I called Leo and he walked us through the childbirth process and, I'm thankful to say, I have a healthy, beautiful, 6 year old daughter. Thank you Dr. Leo Dicatrio."

r0seNY replied, "Name another Co-CM that would've known to be there for you 6 years ago? I'll wait."

kehoe.gcg.eth wrote, "I owe alot to @DrDicatrio. He taught me about wallet safety after I got drained. Amazingly it was easy.... he just kept repeating don't click sus links you fucking moron. My wallet has never been safer. GENG GENG."

Dr. Leo's attention to prostate screening, wallet safety, and the nuances of childbirth cannot be overstated. He is one of a kind.

He even returned to the TL to appreciate the community for sharing their stories, tweeting, "Honestly, this thread is hysterical. It really made me laugh."

While Leo leaves the role, he's not leaving the Gang. We're excited to see him contribute in other creative ways. He tweeted, "I have aboutttttttttttt a years worth of cussing outs to catch up on via the timeline..." Buckle up, Gang!

Thanks for your Co-Community Manager contributions Leo! The Gang is grateful for your contributions and this next chapter. Gang Gang!

Follow along with all things Gutter @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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