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This Punk Said He Has A "Soft Spot" For The GCG After Purchasing His 7th OG Cat

Gang Gang! The market may be down, but this CryptoPunk just picked up some gutter heat yesterday in the form of another OG Gutter Cat!

CryptoPunk, #9384, AKA @OnftSven, purchased Gutter Cat #2939 yesterday for 1.1 ETH, or $1,865.02.

This latest purchase is a Cat with White Tiger fur, white eyes, a red flannel, white fedora, and a thin silver necklace.

Punk #9384 told the Gutter Cat Times that he's always had a soft spot for the gang:

"Two reasons for the purchase: Gutter Cat Gang was one of my first mints. Always had a soft spot for them for that reason. The other reason is that at the current price there's a good enough risk reward to pick up a few."

@OnftSven has exceeded the 5 OG Cats needed to achieve @kingpindao status, a collective of the largest holders of the @GutterCatGang focused on driving value to the GCG community and the KPD.

Take a look at Punk #9384's other Gutter assets below:

Congrats on the scoop, @OnftSven! That cat - and the rest of your crew - go hard. Gang Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gutter news, sales, and community spotlights.

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