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The Long Game: Gutter x BAYC Member Jonathan Long Launches Free NFT Token

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang has no shortage of creators, and Jonathan Long (@long) is bringing his ideas to life on the streez of the Gutter and web3!

On June 2nd, he's launching XTREME PIXELS, a free NFT access token inspired by his love of CryptoPunks and the pixelated games he used to play with his dad. The link to the pre-sale list to get early access to rad Gutter x BAYC collectibles, is here:

Long's pinned tweet says, "Introducing XTREME PIXELS, a free NFT access token that is

@FAHQ's first Web3 component. If you REALLY believe in Web3 & NFTs as access and want to be part of something fun take a minute to read this. Also, details on how to get on the pre-sale list."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Long owns OG Gutter Cat #2118, a 4-Trait Feline with Bali Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Makaveli Bandana, and a Green Background.

He also founded FAHQ (@FAHQ), a streetwear & skate brand with the motto, “Live Life On Your Terms. Be Unapologetically You.”

Long created a muscled Cat collectible and a skate deck of his OG. The collectible Cat rocks red tracksuit pants to match the red Makaveli; on the skate deck, his Cat sports blue pants with a gun tucked into the waistband, red kicks, and holding a can of spray paint. Check out the yoked Cat below, along with Long's BAYC #4275.

Long told the Gutter Cat Times that "holders of our first token will get access to the Gutter Cat collectible before the public."

In his medium article, linked to his pinned tweet, Long explained, "This is not an NFT project. This is a Web3 component being introduced by a brand that believes Web3 and NFTs provide an incredible access opportunity. The NFT is an access token that just happens to have some cool/fun pixel art," as seen below:

The low down on Long's NFT access token collection:

  • It's 25,000 NFTs

  • It’s pixel art, and intended to "act as a bridge between our brand and Web3"

  • Traits are rooted in FAHQs streetwear inspired brand, and include action sports traits, hoodies, t-shirts, and motocross jerseys.

  • There are 222 traits in total.

  • It includes 21 special one-of-one NFTs, which are tributes to big action sports stars.

Long started sharing "trait peeks" recently, like the one here with a FAHQ motocross jersey and the other with Ultimate Warrior Face Paint:

Long explained that the "tokens act as early access to drops before the general public."

The Gutter Cat skate deck, 15-inch collectables of Bored Ape #4257, and Gutter Cat #2118 will be the first drop and available for token holders to snag before they're open to the public.

The mint date is Friday June 2 (6/2/23), and the mint will take place at 1:00pm EST.

Long said that "the mint will occur on our website (FAHQ.COM) — URL will be shared at the time of the mint on both my personal Twitter (@long) and FAHQ’s Twitter (@FAHQ) as well as in the Discord announcement channel. There will be no early access or surprises. Please be smart and safe."

Long also indicates that he will "continue to grow the brand," and do drops: "some public items, but early access given to token holders, as well as some items for token holders only."

Gang can check out the pre-sale list for the free mint:, and watch for the mint on June 2nd. Follow Jonathan Long (@long) and FAHQ’s Twitter (@FAHQ) to stay up to date for additional information.

The Gutter Cat Times (@guttercattimes) will continue to follow community and team news from the Gutter. Gang Gang!

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