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The Gang's Regular Ruben Gets Bored, Roasts NFTs

Gang Gang and happy Caturday from the Gutter!

On a bored Gutter Friday afternoon, the Gang's RegularRuben.eth (@RegularRuben) tweeted to NFT Twitter, "Show me your NFT so I can roast it..." Never ones to back down from a roast, the Gang and other communities stepped up to the challenge. And roast he did!

FFV (@FFVV1211) dropped his Alien-fur Gutter Rat, #240, which has Stubble, Devil Horns, Thick Gold Chain, Hawaiian shirt, Yellow Eyes, and a Gold Hoop Earring. RegularRuben tweeted, "Miami vice reject. Lil Kool aid lime juice slimer skin having. School girl choker chain wearing. Crusty beard having. Liver disease jaundice eyes looking rat."

CeeJ (@ceej_crypto) dropped Gutter Cat #2086, a 4-trait with Savannah fur, VR eyes, a ThreeOhFive shirt, and Purple background. RegularRuben wrote, "Who drew you? Where are the straps to the VR? Frail body having bootleg jersey wearing begging for food ass cat."

The roast wasn't limited just to his Gutter fam. RegularRuben showed his range roasting the mfer dropped by BoredGutterNick.eth (@gutternick_eth). BoredGutterNick's mfer is a 7-trait, with Charcoal face, Gold Headphones, Smile, White Hoodie, Black Cig, Regular Eyes, and an Orange Background.

RegularRuben said, "Dollar store headphones. Smoking clove cigarettes - L. Skinny arm ass. Pipsqueak neck ass. Both eyes on the same side of your face ass. Rug ass NFT." BoredGutterNick replied with a heart emoji.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to RegularRuben, who has been a member of the Gutter Cat Gang since August 2021. He explained, "Yeah, was bored. I used to do these a lot more often and just felt like I needed to roast something today. Sometimes we buy bullshit NFTs and they sit in the hidden folder. With the roasts you get to bust them out and give 'em some shine and have a good laugh."

RegularRuben added, "Gutter means just being yourself...genuinely not giving a fuck about others opinions. I mean we say Gang Gang. Bunch of middle aged men screaming GG online. But it's fun and we don't care. And we look out for each other. In this community you can always find someone that's an expert in hella fields and they'll always help."

Many in the Gang know RegularRuben not only for his Cat, LilHellcat.eth (@LilHellcatMP), but also his Varsity jackets, #BAFDesigns, which are hand-made and have a following across various NFT communities, including the Gutter Cat Gang and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. RegularRuben has sold over 40 jackets so far, and Gang can reach out if they'd like one created and personalized.

On this Caturday and everyday, we have not only RegularRuben's fashion to admire, but also his mad roasting skillz! Gang Gang!

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