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Sweeping & Stacking: Gang Goes To 11 OG Sets

Gang Gang from the Gutter and happy Caturday!

Even in the topsy-turvy bear market, Gutter Cat Gang member cexaline.eth is sweeping and stacking, recently completing his 11th OG set.

Today he tweeted, "Happy Caturday! Vaulted 11 OG sets today. The gutter gang is gonna show you the most epic comeback story this year (or next year) Gang mf Gang!

cexaline picked up his 4 most recent OG Cat additions a day ago, according to OpenSea. This sweep included Gutter Cat #2666, #264, #2834, and #1186.

Cat #2666 is a 7-trait, with Bengal Fur, Squinted Blue Eyes, Whiskers, Psychedelic Hat, Doc Shirt, and a Thin Goal Necklace on a Blue Background. He scooped it on a .660 WETH offer, which is the equivalent of $1381.27, according to Etherscan.

Cat #264 is a 6-Trait, with Silver Fur, Yellow-Blue Eyes, Whiskers, a Gold Stud Earring, and Durag, on a Yellow background. cexaline picked this up for .710 ETH, or $1485.91.

Cat #2834 is another 6-Trait, with Leopard Fur, White Eyes, a Gold Stud Earring, Donnie Hair, a Thick Silver Necklace, and a Green Background. This Cat was purchased for .700 ETH, or $1,484.98.

Cat #1186 is a 7-Trait, with Bali Fur, Green Eyes, Whiskers, American Hat, Silver Chains, Tracksuit, and a Blue Background. cexaline scooped this Cat for .660 Weth, or $1381.27.

Check out the latest OG Cats and the full 11 sets below:

Following cexaline's tweet, Gang showed up to appreciate his sets, with Robhubb saying, "Epic collection. GG! and MiddKid.eth adding, "King shit right there."

cexaline is #26 on the Gutterboard, and in addition to those 11 OG sets, has 4 D1 Clones and 1 D2 Clone. Gang MF Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to cexaline, but hadn't heard from him by the time of publication. Based on his Tweet, though, cexaline seems stoked for the future of the Gang and is stacking for an epic comeback! Congrats on your 11 OG sets, Gang!

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