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SUMMER STYLE: GCG's Beanie Gang Is Looking Gutter With Their Community Made Merch

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

You Know The Fucking Vibe, Gang!

Get ready, 'cause this Gutter sub-community is arriving in style. They'll be the ones rockin' the dope, orange beanies!

Yesterday, RoiiDz (@RoiiDzz) tweeted, "YKTFV BEANIE GANG. Not no fucking Wish beanies here. #BeanieGang #GangGang."

The rad, Champion brand beanies are just the beginning of RoiiDz's vision for the Beanie Gang.

He told the Gutter Cat Times, "My inspiration is seeing what r0seNY and the Puffer Gang have been able to do and how they bring like-minded people together to have genuine fun within a sub community." He added that @hittmannyc and @NyCleaner joined in to help create the Beanie Gang, too.

RoiiDz said, "The hope for the Beanie Gang is to build dope stuff for the community, by the community whether it’s beanies or other things..." He wants to help the Beanie Gang create things that bring value and excitement, like the comic below created by Beanie Gang member and well-known Gutter artist, @iamMRJOUBREL.

Back in April, he tweeted, "The #BeanieGang subcommunity embodies the true spirit of #Web3! With contribution and collaboration at its core, this is set to be an unstoppable force to challenge the status quo and redefine digital fun and camaraderie."

RoiiDz joined the GCG in May of last year; his friend owned a Dog and RoiiDz was looking for a new community: "I cliqued up with some really good people that made it feel like home. Something about the Gutter attracts a lot of people with a ton of life experience that may not have always had the easiest way."

He explained, "I was gifted my very first Gutter asset by @gutternick_eth, which was a Clone Pigeon. I traded and flipped my way up to my current Gutter bag of my OG Cat and its DNA 1 and 2 Clones, and 6 other OGs." Gang can check out RoiiDz's gang gang assets below! Daaaaaaayym.

When RoiiDz thinks about the future of the Gang, he hopes that the team continues to dig into the streetwear scene: "They can add more athletes and partners, and keep onboarding the masses."

He's stoked to build the Beanie Gang, and contribute to the community. If you didn't know, now You Know The Fucking Vibe. Reach out to RoiiDz for more info on how to claim a beanie!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the Beanie Gang as they build and bring you the latest from the streetz of the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes for more news and info.

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