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STACKIN SPECIES: GCG Member Vince.gcg.eth Keeps Adding To His Gang

This Gutter Cat Gang Kingpin gave a bunch of Gutter species a new home recently!

Vince.gcg.eth (@Vincove_eth) picked up 5 more OGs, including 2 Cats, 1 Dog, 1 Rat, and 1 Pigeon, bringing him to #38 on the Gutterboard!

Check out his dope new additions below, scooped for a total of 2.09 ETH:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Vince to find out more about his latest scoops and what he's stoked about for the future of the Gutter.

He said, "I started with a few mint passes for Dogs and Pigeons and then bought my first Cat and Rat to get one set."

Vince now rocks Gutter Cat #258 as his pfp, a 5 Trait feline with Leopard Fur, Blue Eyes, Diamond Hoop Earring, Scruffy Beard, and a Green Background.

After joining the Gang, he went to a few IRL events, including the Gutter's NYC event and Miami for the GCG's Coinbase-sponsored golf tournament at Art Basel.

Vince said, "I had a blast with @TroyCaylak and J Clavs and took 3rd place in the tournament. Considering how hungover we were, that was awesome!"

Although he's sold sold some Gutter assets along the way, Vince said, "I always buy back." As a real estate developer and builder, he's been learning and growing in the web3 and crypto space, and is "looking for good communities," like the Gutter Cat Gang.

He added, "Having met the founders, I know they're doing things for good reasons, so never took the FUD seriously and still believe strongly in the long term vision for GCG that they've stated all along: grow the brand and the community. I love the direction right now with sports and streetwear and think they have a good chance to grow and accomplish some cool things."

Vince thinks the focus on building and adding value is key: "You need to buy into things you believe in and stay for a while - get cozy because it's a long road."

He's clearly here for the long haul, holding 8 Cats, 6 Rats, 6 Pigeons, 6 Dogs, 14 D1 Clones, and 10 D2 Clones.

Check out Vince's full Gang Gang collection below!

Congrats on the latest additions to your dope collection, Gang!

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