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Spotlight: Tracksuit Gang & Lebreezy Light Up The Gutter!

In the Gutter, sub-communities are taking hold and friendly rivalries are forming. One of the most heated is the Tracksuits v. Puffer Gang -- and today the Tracksuits are getting their due, and no one reps harder than lebreezy.eth!

@lebreezy__(lebreezy.eth) joined the GCG in June, 2022. He was introduced to the Gang by @Headytokin and another friend. Lebreezy.eth "loved the art and the community," and "jumped in by purchasing a pigeon clone." Fast forward a few months, and now he's "a tracksuit Kingpin!" Lebreezy's PFP Tracksuit Gang (TSG) Cat, #2075, has black tats, black eyes, and a diamond stud.

Lebreezy.eth appreciates the the Gutter because it creates an opportunity to "connect with others who share similar interests and goals" and he believes that "the Gutter community can achieve great things together."

At just 4% of the Gutter Cats' collection, lebreezy.eth sees the Tracksuit Gang as a "unique and exclusive community." Like the Puffer Gang, the Tracksuit Gang cultivates a sense of "belonging and camaraderie." When new GCG members join the TSG, they become part of a group that connects with other TSG members, learns about new NFT projects, and grows a network. Joining the Tracksuit Gang "is a chance to be at the forefront of a revolutionary community."

When it comes to the Tracksuit v. Puffer Gang rivalry, lebreezy.eth said that it's "just like the infamous East Coast v. West Coast feud between Tupac and Biggie, and is rooted in a battle for power, respect, and control of the Gutter." The rivalry between these two gangs "has been fun and intense, with memes and gifs plastered throughout Discord and Twitter." Memorably, lebreezy.eth participated in last year's "Official Gutter Roast Gauntlet," and got in a few good digs on the Puffer Gang.

But, differences aside, lebreezy,eth said that "both gangs are loyal and are having fun" and they've both "brought some laugher to all community members, whether or not they’re in the Tracksuit Gang or Puffer Gang."

He thinks that maybe in the future, both gangs could "collab and work together to build a better future" for the Gang.

But he's not stepping back on recruiting and giving props to TSG members. Lebreezy.eth gives a shoutout to all his "fellow Tracksuit Gang members and future members. Come join something special. #TSG4LIFE."

Keep an eye on the TSG, Gutter fans. This community's got the goods and reps hard, plus lebreezy.eth is showing mad skills at the Gutter Arcade (

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter and stay tuned to find out more on the future of the Tracksuit v. Puffer rivalry or collab.

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