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SPOTLIGHT: This Sneakerhead Got His GutterMelos Signed By LaMelo Ball!

This sneakerhead scored a slam dunk by snagging a signature on his GutterMelo kicks from Charlotte Hornets' point guard and GCG collaborator, LaMelo Ball!

Earlier today, Papi The Capo (@suchapapi), tweeted, "MANAGED TO COP THE GUTTERMELOS AND GET THEM SINGED BY LAMELO BALL!!!! SHOUTOUT TO THE GANG @GutterCatGang @MELOD1P #NotFromHere#GutterCatGang#RARE"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Papi for the inside scoop on how he got onboarded into web3 and landed LaMelo's autograph on his GutterMelo kicks!

He originally saw LaMelo's Instagram post promoting the Gutter Cat Gang x PUMA collab, and was stoked that they'd be redeemable via an NFT mint since other releases were often scooped up by bots.

The GutterMelo NFT was his first NFT purchase: "I asked a bunch of questions in the Discord and everyone was super helpful. The GCG community showed a lot of love and were super hyped to find out I got them signed (big shoutout to Mach1ne.eth @IAmMach1ne for the love)."

Papi landed LaMelo's autograph while attending a recent Hornets preseason game vs. the Washington Wizards. He brought his GutterMelos, and his kids flagged down LaMelo Ball as he was jogging to the tunnel after the game!

Papi told the Gutter Cat Times that he was stoked to have the GCG community share the excitement over snagging LaMelo's signature on his shoes: "I even got to talk with the new owner of Gutter Labs, Noah, and he was equally stoked to see that they got signed, which further attests to the authentic and communal nature of the brand!"

Noah (@mauloadream) posted, "The most epic pair of GutterMelos on the planet, signed by @MELOD1P. Also, this was @suchapapi’s first NFT, legit onboarding. Gang Gang Papi!"

Papi plans to get the GutterMelos authenticated and hang onto them: "I definitely will not be selling these, since I have such a personal connection to them. It means a lot that LaMelo stopped and took time to sign them. Also, it's pretty dope to have a rare, physical Gutter Cat Gang piece. Definitely putting these in a glass case with a nice spotlight effect!"

He added, "It’s really dope to be a part of the Gutter Cat Gang community. The Discord is super involved and the Mods are so open to explaining things, especially since I’m newer to the space."

Congrats on landing the coveted autograph, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to amplify community stories and all the Gang Gang news from the streets of the Gutter. Follow us @guttercattimes on twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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