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Spotlight: GCG Member Noah Talks Fantasy Football Strategy In Gang's Discord! Join In The Fun!

From the back alleys of the Gutter to the green grass of the gridiron, this GCG member is ready for football season and placing high stakes bets!

Recently, Noah (@mauloadream) tweeted, "Want premier fantasy insight? Hop in the Gutter discord tonight @ 8pm central. The Gutter Fantasy team has entered a high stakes league ($1,750 buy-in), draft is today. We will review the draft board, discuss what the pros are doing, take any fantasy questions This is open to anyone, no Gutter NFT required, no NFT at all required."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Noah to get the low down on the Fantasy league and how he's engaging the Gutter community.

Noah said, "Me and my friend, Doc B., entered a high stakes/NFFC (National Fantasy Football Championship) league. Doc's new to web3 and a fantasy football guru. He is a proud Native American and has a PhD from Indiana University. This man studies fantasy year round, and his passion inspires me daily."

"We wanted to engage the community in discussing Fantasy Football. We shared the draft board in the Gutter Discord, explained the thinking on our picks and took questions. The activity was fantastic, and we're off to a great start!"

Check out Gutter's Team 2 below:

Noah added, "The goal is to grow the Gutter community with the best fantasy content. This initiative is about community and the future of the Gutter. Sports is a big part of the Gutter’s culture. You can’t get the Gutter vibe and top tier fantasy content anywhere else."

"We created 2 new channels in the Gutter discord - “gutter-fantasy-football” and “GFF Voice”. None will be token gated. Everyone is invited."

Check out the Gutter community's reaction to the new GFF channel:

Beyond Gutter Fantasy Football, Noah explained that he's planning on "year round content," and a re-boot of Gutter's Clubs: "GFF is the kickoff," he said.

"At the end of the day, we are focused on creating the best community member experience. We'll consistently innovate. I think having a weekly Spaces where people can hop in and ask roster questions will be a hit."

"Gutter culture is special," Noah added. "Come check it out. Tell a friend and help them get set up on Twitter and Discord. They don't need to be into NFTs. If they like fantasy, they will fall in love with GFF." Gang and others can access the Discord fantasy football channel here:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow this Gutter Fantasy Football and other sports' fantasy leagues in the Gutter. Stay tuned to @guttercattimes on Twitter for more.

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