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Spotlight: GCG Artist Creates Anime For Upcoming Mint

When people think about the Gutter Cat Gang, many probably imagine the dope art. They might also connect with Gutter's references to sports, urban streetwear, and culture.

It was the last two - streetwear and culture - that drew Momo (@mom02sm) to the Gang just under a year ago. Since then, she's been creating her own art and sharing workouts in the GCG's GutterGainz Discord channel, bringing her unique vibe to the Gutter.

She said, "I was instantly drawn by the community and I also really loved the streetwear vibe of the project and the cultural references in the art!"

Momo first picked up Gutter Rat #368 and eventually scooped an OG dog and OG Pigeon, plus two Clone rats. Her Rat, which she has used as her pfp, is a 5-trait Rat, with Striped-Black Dumbo fur, Diamond Hoop earring, Gutta Goggles, A Vibin Shirt, and Blue background.

For Momo, "being in the Gutter is about being true to yourself. That's something our community is SO good at, keeping it 100%."

She's now being true to herself by creating anime art! She initially got into creating art during high school, and has a "90's anime style" that's inspired by Cowboy Bebop and Sailor Moon.

As an artist in the Gutter, she'd love to "see GCG collab with our community artists like Naxeesi, TJ, and Joubrel" and have additional art drops, like the Gang has had in the past.

Momo added, "We also have more than just artists in our community -- we have so many smart and talented members it would be super dope to see other types of collabs." She'd "love to help in to bring awareness to the project" and "see more women join the Gang." Hey, ladies.....!

Last week, Momo tweeted, "Gonna be doing a limited mint next week....Maybe..." Momo let the Gutter Cat Times know that the mint IS happening tomorrow, Tuesday, 3/7, at 12:00pm PST! The two limited edition characters below, Sora 空 and Tsuki 月, will be live via @manifoldxyz.

Plus, If you mint 1 of each you will receive a 3rd defender. Gang and others should put alerts on for @mom02sm for the most up to date info!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more highlights of GCG creatives and innovators, and news from the Gutter.

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