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Spooky SZN II: GCG Artist Joubrel Brings Another Year Of Fright & Fun To The Gutter!

The Gutter is looking a little ghostly as we creep towards Halloween!

Gutter Cat Gang artist Joubrel (@@iamMRJOUBREL) is whipping up some eerie art for the Gang, bringing back another Spooky SZN!

"GM GM this has been quite a year but fun none the less! Let’s keep the fun going because we are bringing this back!! #SpookySZN2 !! Last year we had fun watching you gutters turn into spooky characters, let’s run it one more time!" he tweeted recently. His 22 second video clip showed off a Ghostbusters-Gutter dog fighting off an ectoplast slime.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Joubrel to find out more about #SpookySZN2 and how the Gang can get in on the action!

He said, "I started this last year during the month of October, and turned 31 assets into spooky versions of themselves! The 31st was Gutter Egg's Gutter Dog, which I turned into the Pumpkin King."

Joubrel then released 2 art air drops showing off the entire cast of spooky SZN in one place and one with the Pumpkin King destroying Gutter City: "I had fun making those, and intend on running it back with the same energy and goal of always having fun and creating new spooky art!"

Check out some of last year's spooki-fied Gutters below:

Joubrel told the Gutter Cat Times, "There will be airdrops like last year, and some ties to the fusion collection I’ve been working on, so that’s going to be fun bringing those two projects into one story line."

Joubrel's SpookySZN2 kicks off from October 1st - 31st! Each pass cost .031 eth and there will only be 31 available. To get in on the spooky action, head to this OpenSea link:

The Gutter Cat Times will follow Joubrel's SpookySZN2 art and bring you updates! Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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