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Sneak Peek: Atrium Drops Gutter x BAYC Animated Short Film Teaser

Gang Gang from the Gutter and Happy Caturday!

Get your Twizzlers and popcorn ready, movie fans, 'cause Atrium (@AtriumNft) just dropped another teaser for an upcoming animated short film featuring Gutter Cat Gang x Bored Ape Yacht Club lead characters!

"Looking for those latest sneak previews everywhere." Atrium tweeted earlier today.

The tweet included animated pics of Fez, BAYC #4918, owned by @TroyCaylak and Blaze Johnson, Gutter Cat #69, owned by @davekebo.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, Atrium is a blockchain-backed creative studio and artist platform; they're collaborating with @kingpindao & @GTVPrimetime to develop an animated short film.

During an earlier conversation, @davekebo (thecosmicjoke.eth) told the Gutter Cat Times that the film is "a short action comedy around a heist." He added that the film is "in the vein of classic action buddy comedies like Rush Hour or 48 Hours...We thought it would be fun to pair a shit talking Gutter Cat with a Turkish fez wearing immigrant Bored Ape. Antics ensue."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to @davekebo for additional insights about this latest sneak peek and what he's hoping for with the short film.

He said, "I got into Web3 and the Gutter Cat Gang in particular because of the amazing characters in the collection that spoke to me...As a filmmaker and storyteller, it's always been a dream of mine to do animation, but there was never really the opportunity. Web3 opened that door...owning the IP of your NFTs was a game-changing moment for me."

@davekebo and the team are hoping that as many people as possible see the animated short when it drops: "Atrium created this incredible platform that has made it possible to bring together like-minded creators across Web3."

He's excited to showcase the amazing work that the animation team RetroSketch is doing: "They're one of the dopest studios around, the work is top notch, and I can't wait for everyone to see it."

Though we don't yet have a date for the short film's release, we'll "be on the lookout," with @TroyCaylak to see Fez and Blaze coming at us in 3-D!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow this story and share more information as it becomes available.

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