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Sandbox Drops Gutter Avatars: Gang Gears Up To Play!

Gang Gang and Happy Friday!

Your March Madness bracket may be broken (Furman and the clutch win over Virginia, anyone?!), but the Gutter Cat Gang is decidedly building.

The latest update came today, when the GCG tweeted, "New residents have arrived on the streets of the Gutter City metaverse. Owners of D1 Gutter Clones can now play as their voxel avatar in @thesandboxgame."

The Gang was stoked about the news, with stonedalpha (@stonedalpha_eth) tweeting, "Pink rat spotted shaking down mfers in the back alley for $gang."

TheHefferWolfe (@The HefferWolfe) responded, "So exciting!!! #ganggang" and Dr. Leo (@DrDicatrio) tweeted a GIF with Yoda and the sentence, "Begun the Clone War has."

Gang should head to to bridge their avatars and deploy these newly minted D1 Clones in the metaverse! Show off those voxels, Gang!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow along as GCG members share their newest Sandbox x Gutter assets. Gang Gang!

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