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Resistance Is Futile: Gutter Community Member Mr$liM Grabs Six OGs

You can't fight the pull of the Gutter.

The heat's building and this Kingpin is stacking OGs, with a weekend sweep of Pigeons and Rats!

Mr$SliM (@Slim4President) tweeted yesterday, "Grabbed a lil @GutterCatGang this am. Couldn't resist any longer #GangGang."

Mr$liM's six-pack of OGs includes 3 Rats and 3 Pigeons:

Rat #2908 is a 6-Trait rodent, with Orange Tabby Fur, Squinted Green Eyes, Stubble Beard, Sicko Hat, Black Tank Shirt, and a Yellow Background. He was scooped for .0945 ETH.

Pigeon #467 is a bad-ass 6-Trait bird, with Grey Tats Fur, Heterochromia Yellow Blue Eyes, Ski Mask Hat, Gold Cross Necklace, Tie-Dye Shirt, and a Purple Background. He flew the coop for .275 ETH.

Rat #538 is a sleek 7-Trait rodent, with Robot Fur, Pirate Eyes, Silver Hoop Earring, Vape Mouth, Thin Gold Necklace, White Tank Shirt, and a Pink Background. He scurried into Mr$liM's wallet for .085 ETH.

4-Trait Rat #975 has Orange Tabby Fur, Blue Eyes, Neck Brace Necklace, and a Yellow Background. This rodent sold for .086 ETH.

Flying the coop for .13 ETH, Pigeon #600 is a 6-Trait bird, with White Fur, Yellow Eyes, ETH Hat, Thick Gold Necklace, Jail Shirt, and a White Background.

The final bird, Pigeon #1292, was purchased for .13 ETH. He's another 6-Trait, with Grey Fur, Heterochromia Yellow Blue Eyes, Halo Hat, Thin Silver Necklace, Dirty Bird Shirt, and a Purple Background.

Check out the complete half-dozen OG line up here:

This latest sweep adds to Mr$liM's Gutterboard status. He now holds 5 Cats, 6 Rats, 8 Pigeons, 4 Dogs, 22 D1 Clones, and 9 D2 Clones!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Mr$liM to get the inside info on his OG sweep and thoughts on the Gutter Cat Gang!

Having now been in the Gang for about a year, he said, "I went with OGs over Cats because if you look at traditional pricing, Cats have been 4/5x OGs, but are now closer to 10." With those values, he sees opportunity.

Mr$liM also sees the the project as "well positioned to bridge the web2 - web3 gap" and thinks that "GCG can be a leader in that evolution." He looks forward to seeing the business model evolve and is excited for what's to come.

Gang can admire his whole rad AF OG and Clone collection below!

Congrats on the new additions, Mr$liM! Gang Gang!

Follow us @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gutter sweeps, news, and spotlights.

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