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Recap: GutterKarlee & Ladies of BAYC Twitter Spaces

Gang Gang! On Jan 18th, Yearofthetiger (@tigerisfine) and nEEnEE (@bored_nene) from the Ladies of BAYC hosted Gutter Cat Gang founder GutterKarlee (@GutteriKarlee) during Twitter Spaces, with the aim to "create a bridge between communities" and highlight the Gang's accomplishments (and some teasers for 2023). Plus, it was an opportunity to amplify ladies across the Gutter and BAYC.

Yearofthetiger (@tigerisfine) explained that she'd been "looking at the Gutter Website" and was impressed by the partnerships and events that the GCG had pulled off in 2022: "This is some next level stuff," she said.

GutterKarlee, who focuses on Gutter's brand strategy and partnerships, shared that "2022 was a big year and we accomplished a lot." One of her favorite events was the block party with Stadium Goods during NFTNYC when the Gang "shut down the streets of Soho," had a "Hoop Bus," and she "met a lot of amazing people." She also mentioned that the "refreshed website is a hub for the Gutter Community" and has places for "members to interact" and "see where members are at on the leaderboard."

When asked about future building and one thing people could expect to see, GutterKarlee shared that she didn't want to front run too much. However, she said that version 2.0 of the Website would see "more interactive gaming play" and that there's a partnership "that will trailblaze us in this space," and help GCG's "ability to get a mainstream audience into web3, which is a big focus for us."

She added, "In the first half of the year there's definitely some product being shipped out," and "as soon as we can share more, we will." They're trying to "build more in public," and also want to solidify before giving dates.

In addition to that teaser, GutterKarlee emphasized her commitment to the GCG community. She pointed out that there are two community led events coming up in Dallas and Australia, and that the sub-communities/cultures in the Gang are contributing a lot to the Gutter's vibe: "The Puffer Gang is engaged and does cool stuff together," and also "the Kingpin DAO - a collective of top holders - is working on different initiatives to add value to the community." She sees the friendships being built as one of the best parts of the Gang.

The GCG is "beyond [GutterKarlee's] wildest imagination," with over 11k unique holders. She acknowledged that there have been a lot of "ebbs and flows" and the "community wants to feel more heard" as well as for the team "to be more vocal." Still, she elevates the incredible GCG community as a key part of what "keeps people" here.

Yearofthetiger, nEEnEE, and GutterKarlee suggested future collaboration across the BAYC and Gutter communities. They noted that "major brands" now have "web3 arms of their companies," and that NFTs aren't going away. They want to continue to engage, get the word out, and support one another. Gang Gang!

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