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Puffer Gang Performer DJ Jonnie King Is Set To Light Up The Club At His Show This Weekend

This Gutter Cat is all about making music and will be doing his feline DJ thang at his show in Los Angeles this Sunday!

Gang member @JonnieKing, a member of the renowned Puffer Gang, is an LA-based DJ and event producer, who brings his beats and his Gutter vibes to the masses.

@JonnieKing "got hooked on NFTs" through a friend and found community via an alpha group. When looking for a solid project to invest in, the group agreed that the "Gutter Cat Gang was the most undervalued project out there for what they were building."

For @JonnieKing, the GCG showed him what "being in a community was really about." He can connect with "complete strangers" just by seeing a Gutter PFP on his Twitter feed. When he tosses out a "Gang Gang," he realizes that "you're part of something bigger than just a PFP."

Being a part of the Gutter community means, "we take no BS, and tell it how it is. But at the end of the day, it's all love. GCG has created a really fun playground for me to connect with complete strangers around the world."

The Puffer Gang, he explained, is "the best NFT community I've been part of hands down." @JonnieKing shared that, "Puffers are constantly building buzz for GCG, running giveaways, creating playable games, and are always there for support. That last part is something that’s really needed in this space, especially during a bear market when lots of people are at their lowest." He feels lucky that his first Cat, #1880, just happened to be a Puffer.

A DJ for over a decade, @JonnieKing got into the craft through a talent buyer at Insomniac, an underground movement of music, creativity, and community that started in warehouses of Los Angeles. He bought his Gutter Cat "specifically because he had headphones." @JonnieKing wants to "rep his trade" with his PFP, and is thinking of ways to integrate his Cat into his music IP -- "Maybe on an album cover one day..."

He believes that people who've stayed in the Gang are invested in the "long term vision of the project," and that the Gutter's potential "is limitless." @JonnieKing said, "the GCG has already accomplished more than 95% of the projects out there with their activations, IP branding, and IRL collaboration." Plus, he loves the art!

For GCG in the LA area, @JonnieKing will be DJing a show on Sunday, February 5th. He and a collaborator are producing an event under the banner, "Anytime, Anywhere," in collaboration with "Sirens," and debuting one of his favorite producers, Theus Mago from Mexico.

Ticket Information is below, and @JonnieKing hopes to see some Gutter Cat Gang there!

Gang Gang, Gutter music fans! @guttercattimes will continue to spotlight the community. DM to share ideas!

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