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Probably Nothing: Streetwear Founder & Designer Jeff Staple Shows Off GutterMelo Kicks!

The Gutter Cat Gang got another glimpse of the GutterMelo kicks recently, when Jeff Staple (@jeffstaple) dropped a trio of gang gang snapshots.

He showed off the limited edition heat map colorway sneakers, tweeting, "Another chapter in the history books of #ProbablyNothing."

As the Gutter Cat Times has previously reported, Jeff Staple is a renowned designer and entrepreneur, who launched his brand - STAPLE - in 1997 with a focus on streetwear and sneakers. He collaborated with Nike to release the Nike Pigeon Dunk, so he knows a thing or two about sneakers.

Staple Pigeon remains one of the biggest streetwear brands today, and in October of 2022, Staple collaborated with the Gutter Cat Gang to create STAPLEGUTTER Series One clothing and skate deck.

After seeing Jeff Staple showcase the GutterMelo shoes on Twitter, the Gutter Cat Gang replied, "Gonna need to see you drop a hoop mixtape in 'em," and Gutter BT added, "Sheeeesh they go crazy in hand."

Sneaker heads can still score the GutterMelos as an NFT on OpenSea until July 6th:

The NFT can be redeemed for physical shoes between July 18th - August 20th, 2023.

For anyone who wants be a part of the history books of #ProbablyNothing with Jeff Staple, head over to OpenSea to get your hands on a pair of dope GutterMelos! Gang Gang!

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