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Pimp My Gutter: GCG Member W0rmiOo Customizes Gutter Assets For The Gang!

This Gutter Cat Gang member is taking holders assets and making them gutter with his degen designs!

W0rmiOo.eth (@W0rmiOo) tweeted, "I’m editing Custom @GutterCatGang traits. If you want a Custom Gutter, DM me the traits and let’s create some Gutter Grails #GangGang."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to W0rmiOo for more info on his custom edits and how Gang can get in on the action!

He explained, "It all started with @_Boyds putting an OG face on his Clone dog. Then, we thought about how many Clones wouldn’t have an OG if they random rolled the clone juices."

W0rmiOo said, "There’s originally 3,000 OG’s for each species but there’s 7,000 juices for each species. That means there’s 4,000 without OG’s, so I’m turning those 4,000 into their OG’s plus I’m customizing any species that people would like to see that aren't in the collections."

Check out the "dream cat" he created for tacocat.eth, with an MJ jersey, Black Tat Fur, Bitcoin baseball hat, Bitcoin necklace, Black shades, and Gold cross earring.

Gutter Cat Gang who are interested in customizing a GCG asset or designing their dream Gutter, can hit W0rmiOo up in DMs. He's creating edits for the Gang at .01ETH for each asset.

Below are a few other heaters he's showcased on the TL!

Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the Gutter community, creatives, and the team.

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