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Nothing But Netz: Pudgy Penguin CEO Luca Netz Rocks MB.03 GutterMelo Kicks

This penguin's looking fly while rockin' a pair of limited edition GutterMelo sneakers!

Luca Netz, the CEO of leading web3 IP brand Pudgy Penguins, posted a picture today of his heat map Gutter Cat Gang x PUMA x LaMelo Ball shoes.

"Gang Gang," he tweeted, showing off the bright colorway design and flair that LaMelo is a big fan of.

As the Gutter Cat Times previously reported, colleagues like the GCG's IP lawyer and other collaborators such as Jeff Staple have received physical editions of the first run sneakers.

Folks from across Pudgy Penguins' community and The Gutter Cat Gang showed up on the TL to show excitement for the shoes:

Cryptosaur (@isbf97) tweeted, "fire," and Curb◎ (@CryptoCurb) said, "fresh to death." The Gang also chimed in, with GlassOnTheBeat adding, "The other players' shoes are looking basic now.."

The GutterMelo kicks are available to mint as an NFT on OpenSea until July 6th:

The NFT can be redeemed for physical shoes between July 18th - August 20th, 2023.

For all the Pudgy Penguins sneaker heads, who like to hoop, or who just wanna be a part of history, head over to OpenSea to get your hands on a pair of dope GutterMelos! Gang Gang!

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