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'NEW YEAR NEW OPPORTUNITY': Gutter Cat Gang Posts Message To Kick Off 2024!

2024 may be the year of the Dragon, but around Gutter City, its going to be the year of the Cat!

2024 is turning up the heat on the Gutter Cat Gang, as they posted a 2-thread message on New Year's Day pointing to some new ways of doin' business.

"New year. New opportunity for the Gutter. 2024 will be about taking action & working with the community to create a new future. Happy New Year from the Gutter." they tweeted.

The Gutter Cat Gang's second tweet in the thread pointed to improvements that the Gang will see in the new year, specifically naming "our content on X."

They indicate that they'll "lean into what we are all about. Sports. Music, Art. Community," and that they are laying the groundwork for "a new Gutter."

Check out the tweet below!

The Gutter community showed up on the TL to vibe, with LazyISurfingpikachu saying, "Gang gang LFG!!" and EE adding, "Happy New Gutter Year." BorisVagner.eth showed up with a, "Love it!!" and TheRev.eth said, "Excited to see what's cooking! HNY!"

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow the latest news from the Gutter and bring you updates on all things Gutter in the new year!

Follow us @guttercattimes on X for more Gang Gang info!

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