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Mutant Grape Goes Gutter: Gang Can License IP In Wine Club

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Gutter Cat Gang, put down your 40oz and check out Mutant Grape wine, plus the opportunity to license your Gutter assets!

Today, Richy Rich (@richyrich) tweeted: "Who's gonna license their @GutterCatGang assets to @MutantGrape when public mint is live in 30?!"

He added, "I know y'all want to get those assets on products and get paid for it. 20% of net income from retail sales being distributed amongst IP licensees."

Recently, The Gutter Cat Times sister-paper, The Bored Ape Gazette, reported on the Mutant Grape mint, which kicked off today: "Each NFT will come with six bottles of wine that feature the holder's NFT on them."

The wine is a blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, and Petite Syrah, and the Zin & PS have been aged for over a year in a bourbon barrel.

Mutant Grape is similar to a wine club, and today's mint features 1,300 NFTs that each cost .25 ETH. The website says, "Once you're in the club, there's no membership fees..." At the time of this article, over 650 NFTs have been minted.

On a Twitter Space today, Richy Rich and Mutant Grape indicated that they're first going "direct to consumer." They're also thinking about scale, saying that after the the wine membership, "next is retail, bars and restaurants, and then chains."

They want to give NFT IP purpose through widespread distribution.

Gutter Cat Gang interested in apeing into the Mutant Grape wine club can find out more about the project on its site here:

The Gutter Cat Times will follow the Mutant Grape mint and keep you posted on any Gutter IP that gets used! Gang Gang!

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