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MAKING A SPLASH: GCG Member Sir PinWyz Swept 10 OG Cats, 10 Dogs, 3 Pigeons, & More! Get The Scoop Here:

This “Triple Kingpin” is bringing “Heat to The Streetz of Gutter City!”

Gutter Cat Gang member, Sir PinWyz (@Pin_Wyz) of Degen Global (@DegenGlobal), who's known by the handle “PinBall Wyzard,” came out swinging this weekend, bringing home 10 Cats, 10 Dogs, and 3 Pigeons, and making some final moves before the closing of the “Clone Machine” in a sweep totaling nearly 6 ETH, approximately $15,777 (USD)!

PinBall is the 4th largest holder of Total Assets on the Gutterboard, holding 15 Cats, 9 rats, 14 Pigeons, 41 Dogs, 136 D1 Clones, and 21 D2 Clones! He's the #1 holder of Dogs, and has a diversified portfolio of GCG assets, including 9 Sets, 8 Trilogies and 9 Credentials!

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to PinBall to find out more about his time in the Gutter and what inspired this latest sweep. Here's what we discovered:

He explained, "I entered the Gang in Nov. 2021 as PinBall Wyzard and had barely any clue what NFTs were at the time." He found the GCG focused on building the strongest community in web3 and received an overwhelming amount help and support in settling into the Gutter, which he stated, “Was something I found comfort in, whilst delving into a new adventure and unknown territory.”

"The first time I 'swept the floor,' I didn't even know what that term meant! I was told I raised the floor by like 2Eth+ with my buys and triggered a GCG 'Bull Run,'" he said.

That lead to a GCG team member designing a special sticker specifically for him in the Gutter Discord - an honor only a few collection members have received since the GCG Mint!

Check out his sticker below:

When asked about the reason behind his recent sweep, PinBall replied, "Why did I sweep this time? Well first, it was time to make another 'splash' and do my part and get people psyched up for what I'm calling 'The Gutter Reckoning’."

"Secondly," he added, "As the single largest % holder of ‘The KPD,’ AKA ‘The Kingpin DAO,’ (which was recently liquidated and dissolved), I received a % distribution from the liquidation, and decided the best place to put those funds was right back in the Gutter where they belong." He said that most of the funds he received originated from the GCG, aside from the member contributions to join the DAO.

"Third," PinBall said, "I felt it was a good time to build my collection and essentially 'Dollar-Cost Average' down and be ready for our next 'Bull Run.'"

Essentially, he feels that this is the time to buy - the market is going to go up, and so is the floor! Its just a matter of time!

Check out the link below to see the OG Cats PinBall picked up!

He told the GCT, "I want people to know my Name is 'PinBall Wyzard or Sir PinWyz' and I am here to stay. This project was my sanctuary once upon a time. I remained confident and loyal during our darkest of times, while everyone was dumping assets. I chose not to."

He added that we'll soon find out whether he's a "Genius” or the “Dumberest” person in Web3: “My intuition tells me that my patience and discipline will not have me being the latter.” (And the GCT and surely ALL GCG Members reading hope he is right!).

Check out the rad Gutter dawgs he added to his collection!

In discussion with this "Splash Maker," PinBall shared, "Truth is, like many out there, I've been hit with some really hard times in real life, personally and financially. During my personal dark times I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up, dump everything and just run off into the sunset. But I chose not to, and take these moments I have experienced in life as opportunities to grow personally, push-on, and rebuild bigger, better, and stronger, learning from my past mistakes."

He's recently rebuilt several new businesses and said that things are going well so far: "The sweeping recently is just the beginning! 2024 going into 2025 & 2026 are going to be the BIGGEST YEARS of my life and hopefully for the GCG and every member of this Community, as well!"

PinBall is just getting started, and you can check out some of the incredible collection he is continuously building below!

Congrats on the latest pick ups, PinBall!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's community and bring news and updates to the Gang. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time!

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