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LEVEL UP: GCG Member Noah Wraps Arcade Game With Gutter IP

This Gang member is hittin' his very own Gutter Cat Gang arcade -- no quarters needed!

Noah (@mauloadream) showed off a stand-up arcade with over 6k games that's wrapped in his GCG IP in an art layout he designed.

"Gang Gang," he tweeted, with a picture his arcade decorated with Gutter Cat Gang assets.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Noah to find out more about his history in the Gutter, his rad AF arcade wrap, and what's he's stoked on in the GCG.

"I joined the Gang around August 2022. I hadn’t heard much about Gutter and bought in 'cause I saw the Clone machine and art on Twitter. I fell in love with the community and IP. I bought Gutter Dan’s Black Tat Cat, and its been my PFP since."

Noah's now a Kingpin, and #60 on the Gutterboard with 6 Cats, 11 Rats, 9 Pigeons, 12 Dogs, 42 D1 Clones, 48 D2 Clones, and 23 Trilogies!

He told the GCT, "I bought a home in 2022 that has a dope rec room, and I want to entertain friends and family. I've always wanted an arcade game. Growing up, I loved the arcades. Never had much money to play the games though."

Noah explained, "I found a great company that makes these. The arcade has a 43 inch screen, 4p, and over 6k games. I grew up playing The Simpsons, TMNT, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, NBA Jam, Golden Tee, and other games."

"I chose GCG for the wrap since it's my favorite IP, and I designed the art layout. I used an Alien Pigeon trilogy and my Cat PFP trilogy for the sides with the GutterMelo scheme for the background. GCG court and GCG Community logo for the header. Joysticks area has 3 of my favorite Clones. I created each of the Clones. With the GCG community toolkit all this art is readily available for holders on the GCG site."

On the TL, Noah explained that he's working on a partnership to get good pricing for Gutter Cats so that the Gang can put NFT art on them.

The Gang was stoked on the arcade, with the community and Gutter Ric saying it's "lit," "great," "dope," and "phenomenal."

Noah's looking forward to the evolution of GCG. "Gutter IP has potential," he said. "The arcade experiment proves that. Many holders love this brand and are interested in great products with the GCG brand." He thinks additional talent and attention to operations can support the brand so that the Gutter "can fly again."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to bring you news from the Gutter community and all things Gang Gang. Follow along @guttercatimes on Twitter.

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