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LASER FOCUSED: This Gutter Whale Has That Dog In Him After He Picked Up An MJ Grail!

Gang Gang!

This Gutter Cat Gang member has that dog in him after he picked up a laser-eyed Jordan canine earlier today!

GCG has seen sales and scoops happening across all Gang species recently, as the market downturn opens opportunities for entry. One of the biggest happened today with wallet 22sleehmekooh's purchase of the Gang's renowned Gutter Dog #1937.

This heater MJ dog was minted by Heckman 1-year ago, and changed hands for 2.5 ETH. The dog has a rarity rank of 210, according to It's a 5-trait dog with Black Tats fur, Laser BTC Eyes, a Diamond Hoop Earring, MJ jersey, and white background.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to @hookemheels22, who purchased the dog, and he said, "I’m an MJ maxi and a huge fan -- he's the goat."

He added, "this is the best dog in the collection, imo." He's trying to build a full MJ set, and still looking for the cat, "but has something in the works."

Gutter Dog #1937 joins lots of Gutter Cat Gang friends in this member's collection. In total, @hookemheels22 holds 11 cats, 6 rats, 8 pigeons, 10 dogs, 7 D1 and 5 D2 clones, according to the Gutter Cat Gang Leaderboard and Credentials' data at

Check out all of his Gutter Dogs below:

Hookemheels22 is in the top 25 overall Gutter Cat Gang holders on Gutter's "Gutterboard."

Congrats on the MJ addition, and Gang Gang!

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