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Joubrel Brings Spooky SZN II Back To The Gutter: Find Out How to Get Yours Here:

Spooky SZN is back, and it's even better than before!

The Gutter Cat Gang's well-known artist Joubrel (@@iamMRJOUBREL) is cooking up some eerie art for Gang's assets, serving up a second year of Spooky SZN!

He recently tweeted, "GM GM 2 more days till #SPOOKYSZN2 kicks off!! so I been hard at work creating. New gutter dog. Made this song that switches up 3 times. Going to keep creating and having fun - check out the videos below."

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Joubrel launched Spooky SZN last year during the month of October, and turned 31 assets into spooky versions of themselves!

Joubrel told the Gutter Cat Times, "There will be airdrops like last year, and some ties to the fusion collection I’ve been working on, so that’s going to be fun bringing those two projects into one story line."

Joubrel's SpookySZN2 kicks off from October 1st - 31st! Each pass cost .031 eth and there will only be 31 available. To get in on the spooky action, head to this OpenSea link:

Check out a few of last year's Spooky SZN assets below!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Joubrel's Spooky creations and amplify Gutter's creators and artists!

Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gang Gang!

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