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It's Good To Be King: ben.gcg.eth Secured OG King Camo Cat

Updated: May 2, 2023

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Ben.gcg.eth got his paws on one of Gutter's most iconic Cats yesterday in a trade with Gang community member, Grant Flannery (@grantpat), that was fit for a king!

In the trade, ben.gcg.eth acquired Cat #1259. This royal cat is a 7-Trait, with Camo Fur, Green Eyes, Whiskers, Thin Silver Necklace, Joint, Crown, and a Pink Background.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to ben.gcg.eth to find out more about the trade and how it feels to land this King Camo Cat.

ben said, "I’ve always loved his cat. The crown and joint epitomize 'gutter' to me." When he saw that Grant was open to offers, "we took it to the DMs to hash out the trade. Full trade was the two 4Ts (Wade and Captain) + .3E (in USD equivalent)..."

Following the trade, Grant took to Twitter and shared the 4-Trait Cats acquired in the trade and said, "Yes it’s true. I traded King Camo. I’d had that pfp for a long time but we move on. Got two amazing 4T cats and some fun money. I know @mavsfan0041 will look after him. More cats for me and back to where it started with a 305."

Ben added, "I’m always looking to upgrade my cat collection so this was a great opportunity for me to secure a grail from a friend in a pretty good deal for both parties."

Check out Ben's full cat collection below:

It looks like King Camo is in good company with those other 5 heaters! Congrats on the trade and the new addition to your collection, ben.gcg.eth! Gang Gang!

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