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ISLAND BOYS: GCG Member Integ Creates Beanie Gang Game On Nifty Island! Find Out How To Play:

Get your suntan lotion and fruity boat drink, Gang!

Gutter Cat Gang member Integ (@integ03) is inviting everyone to Nifty Island (@Nifty_Island) a community-driven gaming platform where players can build and play games together, explore player-created islands, and compete for rewards!

Earlier today he tweeted, "Join Beanie Gang in Nifty Island! Gain 20 Blooms per hour (more soon) & play BG deathmatch and 3v3 Team Deathmatch! much more game modes will be added once I get more blooms :D @Nifty_Island @BeanieGangg @gutterrecordz

Come chill! Discord:"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Integ to find out more about his game and how the Gutter can get in on the action!

He explained, "Nifty Island just came out and it costs nothing. You get land and build on it, create mini games and galleries, and can customize it by terraforming and importing custom items from blender and more. You do need to connect your wallet."

Integ told the GCT, "I made a 'Deathmatch' and a 'Team Deathmatch' (3v3). I'm currently working on different things with the Beanie Gang (@Beanie Gangg) and gaming, which I've always loved. I want to take advantage of these awesome blockchain games being made and create multiple different areas to have fun with BG community and anyone with a beanie trait across all NFT's. We want to have our own custom gaming areas for events and more."

Check out the Beanie Arena here:!

Integ said that he'll be adding more to the game as he expands his land, and collect the Nifty Island currency, 'blooms,' which all players can earn.

He's stoked to get the GCG involved in gaming with events and prizes: "Some of us have kids and play these custom maps and it's a lot of fun, so why not create on multiple platforms with different game styles and make it fun for everyone?"

Check out the game at the link in Integ's Twitter post above and have some Beanie Gang Deathmatch fun!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's creators and builders, and bring you the latest from the Gang. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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