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HOW YOU LIKE MEOW?: GCG Members Get Their Paws On GutterMelo Kicks!

The GCG community is fired up today, as out-of-this-world GutterMelo kicks landed on doorsteps across the globe!

Special deliveries sparked opportunities to show off the thermal colorway sneakers, a collab between the Gutter Cat Gang x PUMA x Charlotte Hornets All-Star Point Guard, LaMelo Ball.

GCG member chrisⒷ (@keepitchrisb) tweeted, "Just got my @GutterCatGang @MELOD1P

shoes and they are fire. How You Like Meow? @SpottieWiFi" His video plays SpottieWiFi and MC Random's song while panning across the kicks and the box, with claw marks in full effect.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to chrisⒷ, who joined the Gang in October, 2022, because he was a fan of the art and what the Gutter was doing for the community.

He said, "The Gutter Melo kicks are amazing. The design and style of the shoe is brilliant and the comfort is top quality. Gutter community is strong and the people I have met seem to be real. As a founder I believe in genuine people that support each other through ups and downs. GangGang!"

GCG member Moxell.eth (@MoxellETH), also posted a video to share the arrival of his rad AF GutterMelos!

"They made their way to Sweden. Gang Gang! @GutterCatGang @MELOD1P," he tweeted. His video shows him opening the box, rays of sunlight beaming across the sneakers. He pauses on the sole and top of the shoe, highlighting the "Not From Here" saying that LaMelo rocks as one of his tattoos.

Moxell joined the Gutter at mint, and had rave reviews for the kicks: "They're absolutely fire. Don’t think I ever will wear them as I want to have them saved in mint condition. It’s Gutter all over the shoes and the packaging. They look cool on video but it sure is something else having them in your hands; the quality is extraordinary."

He added, "I'd been away from the Gang for a while but managed to get back in three months ago. Always seen the collection as something special, so really happy to be able to "gang gang" again.

The community is stoked to see Moxell, chrisⒷ and others show off their Guttermelos, as others await the arrival of their own pair (or pairs)! Fleetz replied to Moxell's tweet saying, "Boooom!! mine are scheduled for Monday delivery."

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to get the community's IRL GutterMelo experience and reviews!

Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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