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HOT TIX: GCG x BAYC Member LOR3LORD Drops Tickets For #NOTNFTNYC On 2/4! Find Out How To Get Yours Here:

NFT.NYC isn't the only game in town this April!

#NOTNFTNYC, launched by All of Us Radio (@AllOfUsRadio), kicks off its 3rd annual event in the Big Apple on April 4th, and now's your chance to grab these hot tix and get in on the action!

"Panelist and Pre-Sale Tickets for #NOTNFTNYC will be released this Sunday 2/4/24! #NOTNFTNYC is the cornerstone event for @AllOfUsRadio which is hosted by @LOR3LORD, @EdMoneys, @BrittysBliss, @LateNightCrewD, and @AndrewHipsley.

The event started at a dive bar in 2022, and in 2023 developed into a full on Off Broadway Production at The Producers Club in Manhattan. This year @AllOfUsRadio will be taking over a national landmark and partnering with our old friends at @MetaBetties," LOR3LORD tweeted today.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to LOR3LORD to find out more about his connection to the Gutter, the #NOTNFTNYC event, and All of Us Radio!

He explained, "My entry into the GCG started with a Pigeon and then a Rat. In 2022, I was able to go to the GCG party in NYC. It was hands down the best Web3 party I had ever been to. The art, the music, the vibe - it was definitely a highlight of my trip that year."

LOR3LORD's event will also be a vibe, with panels focused on Working in Web3, Algorithm Hacks, A.I., MEMES and more! GCG members Gutter Cat Times and burningthru.eth (@0xsavvy) will rep the Gutter as panelists.

Plus, there's still time for artists, sponsors, panelists, and others to get involved at this link:!

LOR3LORD told the GCT, "All of Us Radio is play off the legendary Wolf of Wall Street meme, 'One Of Us.' The idea behind the show was to encompass something that included ALL OF US in Web3, regardless of time in the space, profile picture, or the amount in your wallet."

He added, "We wanted to create something that would provide a platform for anyone to jump up and discuss what they are working on, building, loving, or hating, in Web3. Our goal is to show that it isn’t about One Of Us, it’s about ALL OF US! WAGMI BABY!"

Attendees at the #NOTNFTNYC event will get to participate in activations, enjoy free drinks and free food, and goodie bags while supplies are available.

LOR3LORD will provide a link to the tickets on 2/4, via the @AllOfUsRadio X page. Presale tix are $22; Gen Admin are $33, Late Sale are $44; and Day of tix are $55.

The Gutter Cat Times will follow #NOTNFTNYC and bring you updates and news about the event!

Be sure to pick up your tix tomorrow, and keep tuning in to @AllOfUsRadio Tues-Th, 6pm PST/9pm EST.

Follow along for more from the Gutter @guttercattimes on X.

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