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Holy Tats: Three Black Tatted GCG Species Scooped Today By Different Wallets

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gutter Cat Gang likes Black Tats.

With the market in its topsy turvy mode, the Gutter Cat Gang had its own "black swan" event as three Black Tats' species -- a Dog, Rat, and Pigeon - found new homes with 3 lucky Gutter community members!

With that Gutter feeling going strong, check out the deets on each of these Black Tatted species below:

Gutter Dog #1509: This good Gutter boy is a 7-Trait with Black Tats Fur, Green Eyes, Stubble Beard, Mr. Buckets Shirt, Dreads, a Diamond Bone Chain, and Blue Background. It sold for .2001 WETH to an anonymous wallet not holding other GCG assets. Nice pick up!

GCG @DoonyNFTs went for the Black Rat Tats as he purchased Gutter Rat #2737. This Rat is not to be trifled with. It's a 7-Trait Rat with Black Tats Fur, Squinted Blue Eyes, Gold Stud Earring, Stubble Beard, Rat King Hat, White Teeth Mouth, and a Blue Background. It was bought for 0.170625 WETH, or $313.76. What a grab, Gang!

Finally, Gutter Pigeon, #1385 was purchased by a wallet not currently holding other Gutter Cat Gang assets. This fly Pigeon is a 4-Trait, with Black Tats Fur, Blue Eyes, Construction Vest, and a Blue Background. It was purchased for for 0.15001 WETH, or $275.61. What a scoop that flew the coop!

Congrats to the 3 GCG holders on these spectacular additions!

Follow @guttercattimes for more from the Gutter. Gang Gang!

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