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HAPPENING NOW: GCG Member M0NK™ Launches OG Gutter Cat Collectible! Find Out How To Preorder:

Gutter Cat Gang member M0NK™ (@trappistm0nk) is busier than Santa's elves this holiday season!

He's been hard at work creating a rad GCG toy that rocks Grey Tats, an Orange Beanie, and a Blue Puffer, traits that the Gutter community selected while M0NK™ was developing the collectible.

Earlier today he tweeted, "GUTTER CAT TOY - PRE-ORDERS OPEN -

Material : Resin + handpainted

Size : 9.8 inches tall (25cm)

Packaging : Custom box Run

Size : 50 pieces

Shipping : Q1 2024"

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to M0NK™ to find out more about the creation of the collectible and the limited edition launch.

He said, "I've made several art toys for different NFT projects over the last 2 years and not having any for the GCG was a shame for me. It's done now. This is a limited edition of 50 pieces; after this run, this model will no longer be produced."

"It's very good quality and hand painted one by one and at a more than fair price for the size of the model. If you love physical collectibles like me, then this is definitely a piece to own!" Check out the dope AF Cat below:

He added, "I've already had a lot of very encouraging feedback from people who don't even know the Gutter Cat Gang!"

Each OG Cat is $185, and folks can pay by credit card and PayPal, and if they want to pay in crypto, they can DM him so that he can arrange it on a case-by-case basis.

M0NK™ told the GCT that shipping costs are extra, since there are fairly high transport costs from China and France to GCG collectible customers; however, he did his best to get a good price for the Gutter!

Stay tuned for more news on these cool OG Cat collectibles, plus keep your eyes peeled for a GIVEAWAY from M0NK™!

The Gutter Cat Times will follow this story and the Gutter community's creators and builders. Follow us @guttercattimes on X for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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