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Gutterversary: Gutter BT Looks Back At 2-Years In The Gang!

Happy Anniversary, Gutter Cat Gang!

Hard to believe it's been two-years since this next generation streetwear, sports, and web3 brand launched.

GUTTER BT (@gutterbt), Gutter Labs' Creative & Social Manager, was Gutter from the start, and shares how he got into the Gang and a moment he's still stoked about!

GUTTER BT told the Gutter Cat Times, "GCG was my first PFP NFT drop. Before GCG I was hopping in early 2021 NBA TopShot queues praying to grab a pack! Then I saw the original hype video for the Gutter Cat drop and was instantly in love. The artwork was my kind of shit - total Grand Theft Auto and Adult Swim vibes."

He joined the GCG Discord and just vibed with the community: "I was super active in the Discord chat and it became my home base. We talked about cats, life and chopped it up over gutter jams. I was able to mint 4 Gutter Cats during the super hyped mint and the rest was history."

Check out GUTTER BTs 06/07/2021 day-before mint "So hypeeeeeeeeeee" Discord comment below!

BT shared, "One of my favorite moments was helping Ben Simmons (a professional NBA player currently with the Brooklyn Nets) redeem a Gutter Mint pass over Instagram DMs! He randomly hit us up one morning and was trying to figure out the mint pass...Definitely one of the coolest things to wake up to."

Ben Simmons currently holds Gutter Dog #591 in his OpenSea account, so thanks BT for helping him join the Gutter Cat Gang!

Gang Gang, GUTTER BT! Stoked for the future of the Gang and what Gutter Labs is cookin' up!

Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Gutter @guttercattimes.

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