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GUTTER WONDER: Get Your Paws On GCG Artist Pop Wonder's Remixed Gutter Cat! Find Out More Here:

Christmas came early today for the Gutter Cat Gang, with a limited edition mint of a Pop Wonder creation, courtesy of the Beanie Gang!

As the Gutter Cat Times reported earlier, Pop Wonder is an Oregon-based digital artist, who initially collaborated with the Gutter Cat Gang in 2021 and recently did a couple of re-mixes for the Gutter's famous Beanie Gang (@BeanieGangg)!

"La Commissione x @PopWonderNFT Powered by @beaniegang

•Curated Art

•Exclusive Access

•Limited Editions," the Beanie Gang tweeted earlier today. They shared the link to the mint:

Pop Wonder's remix is of Cleanny.eth's OG Cat, #765, a Six-Trait feline with Alien Green Fur, Square Shades Glasses, White Tank, Joint, Gold Stud Earring, and a Purple Background. Check out this bad boy below:

The mint includes a Pop Wonder x La Commissione NFT and the artwork printed on ink blotter paper. Each limited edition mint costs .069 ETH.

Cleaner showed up stoked on the TL, tweeting, "Honored to have my @GutterCatGang cat #765 remixed by the legend @PopWonderNFT! An OG in this space and one of my favorite artists. Under promise, over deliver. 69 editions minting now."

The Beanie Gang also added a little something to sweeten the opportunity, and will be giving away a Gutter Dog to someone who mints one of the NFTs, follows the Beanie Gang, and Likes / Retweets the post. Check out the tweet below!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter's artists and creators, and amplify the Gutter community.

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