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Gutter Ventures: 0xDread Means Business & He's Looking For Partners!

Gutter innovates. Gutter creates. Gutter builds.

0xDread.eth (@CuzznDread) has his Gutter gears turning! He's launching a business and wants to get other Gang involved. Keep reading to find out how you can get in on the ground floor!

Yesterday, he tweeted, "GM Gang - I'm looking to connect with a few local Gutter OG holders in the LA area who may be interested in working together on a business venture I've been planning, utilizing Gutter IP. DM open. RT for the homie."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to 0xDread.eth for more information about his Gang Gang connection and business venture.

He said, "I first bought in the day after mint and flipped after the Rat drop; I joined GCG for the second time in Feb of 2022. I currently hold 3 OGs and 19 Clones. I've always loved the art and project founders, so I couldn't stay away from the Gang long..."

Gang can check out his full collection of rad OGs and Clones below:

0xDread's planning on starting "a bottled water company." He explained, "I'll utilize my Gutter IP, along with the IP of others that are part of the build." He's looking for business partners, and "not asking for any money."

He has an LA area distributor and wants to secure contracts locally before scaling nationally. 0xDread explained, "I have 85% of the logistics covered on my end and have a background in supply chain and logistics."

Skill sets he's seeking include: sales and marketing. He's looking for a SoCal Sales Rep, and said that Marketing can come from anywhere geographically.

0xDread added, "I'll be talking with potential investors for backing. If none come through for some reason, I can start funding the business on my own, but I'm offering partnership spots to help build the company and structure things before moving too far and investing too much."

With 0xDread's new venture, the Gutter IP Ecosystem will continue to expand and make an imprint.

Gang in the LA area and folks interested in joining in this venture should DM 0xDread.eth (@CuzznDread). Gang Gang!

@guttercattimes will continue to follow this venture and other Gutter businesses! Stay tuned for more news and updates from the Gutter.

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