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Gutter To Gucci: W0rmiOo Gives Gang Stylish Upgrades

Sometimes even badass Gutter Cat Gang species want to go glam or change up their look. When they do, the Gang goes to W0rmiOo.eth (@W0rmiOo), who makes derivatives and gears up the Gang in the latest streetwear and styles, from Gutter to Gucci.

W0rmiOo joined the Gang just over a year ago because he loved the art and "the way the Gang talked to each other fit my vibe."

He sold a World of Women NFT to Snoop Dogg (yeah, bb), which paved the way for him to pick up Rudy, his OG Gutter Dog, #2873. Rudy is a 5-trait dog with Black Fur, Merch Hat, Flannel Shirt, Blue-Green Eyes, and a Blue Background.

W0rmiOo currently rocks an OG Gutter Cat, #2726, as his PFP; he won it in a birthday giveaway from Gutter Dan. His Cat has Black Fur, Rainbow Shades, Whiskers, an Afro, Hodl Shirt, and Green Background.

His recent gang gang creations include Hodl shirts, plus Puffer jackets for Gutter Dogs and Rats to outfit the whole Gang in rad Puffer style.

Just last week, W0rmiOo made a template for the Gang community for a full-on Gutter Gucci look, including shades, beanie, puffer jacket, and vibing bag. He tweeted the template with "Gutter Gucci," and "insert pigeon here."

EE (@epiceth) gave it a shot and tweeted, "Shout out to @W0rmiOo for the template and easy to follow process - EE. @gucci fit"

Others, like Wonkamillion$.eth (@wWONKAMILLIONSs) had more success, and tweeted, "Shoutout @W0rmiOo for this dope ass template. Had some fun getting my birds Gucci-ed out."

W0rmiOo even Gucci-ed up Gutter Dan, tweeting, "I hooked up @gutterdan_ with some Gutter Gucci Merch." Gutter Dan replied, "Ngl might be the most fire edit yet."

SpaceMexManny (@SpaceMexManny) tweeted, "Oh bro!! Your Gucci edits are AWESOME!!! Love em. Gang Gang."

W0rmiOo has been into art for quite a while: "I was a tattoo artist and love art. I got into derivatives for fun making memes but now it’s starting to turn into something more." Looking ahead to the GCG's future, he's "hoping that they really do something special for the Gang and improve the activations we have already with TBT and Puma."

W0rmiOo is in the Gutter, which he calls the "blue collar of NFTs," to "help build web3." The Gang is definitely here for it, too! Keep killin' it with the edits and derivatives to outfit the Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more community spotlights, news, and updates from the Gutter.

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