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Gutter Sweep: GCG Member @mavsfan0041 Scoops 8 OGs!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

This Gutter community member ain't slowing down!

ben (@mavsfan0041) turned up the heat yesterday with his sweep of 8 Gutter Cat Gang OGs: 1 Cat, 2 Rats, 3 Pigeons, and 2 Dogs!

Check out his dope additions below:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to ben to find out about his sweep, which ran 2.2379 ETH.

He explained, "I’ve been holding on to a bit of ETH for a while to see what new opportunities would pop up in NFTs. Bought into a few communities I had my eye on...and then decided to throw a bit more into the projects I already know and like." ben joined the Gang in August of 2022, and is a huge basketball fan: "I think that the partnership with Melo x Puma is a huge step towards operational use of the “Gutter = Sports” motto.

He added, "The shoe is gonna be cool, but having that dialogue with a bona fide NBA star opens a lot of doors. I'm excited to see what comes out of that long term, especially with the TBT coming up soon and Paw/Trap working the AAU angle. That’s a nice little basketball operation Gutter has running in house right now."

ben's latest pick ups put him in the Top 50 on the Gutterboard for Cats, Pigeons, Dogs, Full Sets, and Trilogies. He holds 7 Cats, 5 Rats, 8 Pigeons, 6 Dogs, 4 D1 Clones and 4 D2 Clones!

Gang can check out ben's rad full collection below, which shows his latest sweep, plus two additions he purchased from GCG member, HeadyTokin: Gutter Cat #2338 and Gutter Dog #618, both smokin' hot GCG assets! Gang Gang!

Congrats on the newest additions, Gang!

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