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Gutter Sweep: From Grails to Fish Scales

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

Yesterday, the Gutter Cat Gang saw MagnumAPI (@amazzara1) scoop two gang gang grails, spending just over 15ETH to acquire these laser-eyed felines.

But the fun didn't stop there! Like the Energizer Bunny, he kept going, and going, and going, picking up 3 more OG Cats. He tweeted, "Doesn't need to be a mega grail to be a Gutter! new cats just joined my wallet #guttercatgang."

The additional 3 Gutter Cats are #710, #577, and #894.

#710 is a 4-Trait Cat, with Fish Scale Fur, Green Eyes, a Thick silver Necklace, and White Background. This Cat was purchased for 1.6 ETH, or $2,877.18, according to Etherscan.

#577 is a 6-Trait Cat, with Black Fur, Blue Eyes, Whiskers, Doc Shirt, Afro, and a Blue Background. This one was bought for 1.184999 ETH, or $2,131.90.

#894 is another 6-Trait Cat, with Grey Fur, Squinted Blue Eyes, Whiskers, American Bandana, Jobs Shirt, and a Green Background. It was purchased for 1.169 ETH, or the equivalent of $2,103.24.

MagnumAPI is #3 on the Gutterboard, according to the Hub. He holds a total of 35 Cats, 6 Rats, 7 Pigeons, 6 Dogs, 53 D1 Clones, and 4 D2 Clones, for a total of 111 Gutter Cat Gang assets. Gang MF Gang!

Yesterday's sweep of 5 Cats got the Gang stoked, with Rob (@throb81) tweeting, "JFC, i go to the Office one time and miss the most epic sweep in recent memory?!?! Congrats!"

The Gutter Cat Times asked MagnumAPI about the sweep, and he said that his tweet, "Doesn't need to be a mega grail to be Gutter," is a reminder that "the value of a community is not only determined by the rarity or worth of the NFTs held by its members, but also the connections and shared experiences that it fosters."

He added that "a strong community can provide support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging, regardless of the individual assets held by its members. The connections formed within GCG can be more valuable than the NFTs themselves, and these relationships can lead to opportunities and collaborations that might not have been possible otherwise."

As a Founder of the Gutter Arcade's Community First initiative, Magnum API is definitely investing in the community as well as in Gutter NFTs. Congrats on the pick ups, Magnum API! Gang Gang!

For more on sweeps, community news, spotlights, and all things Gutter, follow @guttercattimes on Twitter.

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