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Gutter Style In The Big Apple: GCG Member CliveApestein Brings web3 To NY Fashion Week!

This GCG and Puffer Gang member is bringing his tech-enabled fashion to the catwalks of NYC's Fashion Week!

Clive is building... (@CliveApestein), is the founder of Satoshi's Closet (@satoshiscloset_), the first project to create ERC-721 tokenized streetwear.

Clive and the team also developed WLT, a "one-stop shop" application to view crypto & NFTs across multiple wallets and blockchains in one place, even assets in cold storage.

Recently, Satoshi's Closet tweeted, "Satoshi’s Closet and @cultureiscode announce a New York Fashion Week event on Sept. 13 – "it's all connected.” Join us for an evening w/web3 & fashion tech pioneers next week in Soho:… ALPHA: We debut our unrivaled NFT ticketing & token-gating setup."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Clive to find out more about his Gutter connections, Fashion Week debut, and what's next for Satoshi's Closet.

He said, "I joined the Gang in July 2021. I was an Ape holder so I was tapped into the scene, and I resonated with the GCG artwork and grittier underdog vibes. As a sports fan, I felt a connection to the community that was sports-driven in addition to other cultural elements."

Clive is a full-set holder, with 1 OG Cat, 1 Rat, 2 Pigeons, 1 Dog, and 1 D1 Clone, according to the Gutterboard. Check out his GCG crew below:

Clive told the GCT, "With Satoshi's Closet, in October 2019, we were the first in the world to do a physical apparel drop on blockchain - 50 individually numbered screen-printed t-shirts we called 'The Initial Shirt Offering' each of which was paired with a numbered ERC-721 token."

"We created 50 wallets, one for each shirt, and attached a wallet seed phrase card and onboarding instructions to each one to onboard buyers onto blockchain. We held a launch event at Mr. Throwback - a sweet vintage sports apparel spot in Manhattan's East Village. Since then we've been more focused on app development to evolve our company into one that enables IRL NFT commerce and utility."

While the apparel side of Clive's business was on pause due to the pandemic, he and the team are now executing on earlier parts of their roadmap, including this upcoming drop during the September 13th New York Fashion Week event with New York Culture Club (@cultureiscode).

He shared, "This release, which hasn't been publicly seen yet, is called 'The Secondary.' New York Culture Club is doing cool things with connected apparel technology and digital twinning that can be applied to both high fashion and streetwear, and we wanted to do something together. The Secondary is a limited-edition run of 50 shirts, each NFT-paired (ERC-1155) and NFC-chipped with embedded smart contract address and destination landing page with a 3D twin of the shirt."

Clive said, "The Sept. 13th event is token-gated with our own technology and we're inviting GCG members to join us for free access to the event for holding Gutter assets - actually just for Gutter Pigeon holders, because let's be honest Pigeons are the best!"

Gutter Pigeon holders can join the free event at this link:

Gang can also mint a VIP ticket using WLT, the hybrid hot wallet and cold storage NFT viewer that Satoshi's Closet developed. WLT is on the App Store: and Play Store: Check out his thread below for all the info:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Clive's work and intersections with the Gutter community. Stay tuned to @guttercattimes for all things Gang Gang, all the time.

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