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Gutter Six-Pack: GCG Member Sweeps A 1/2 Dozen OG Rodents!

Gutter Rats deserve love, and this GCG member just gave six of 'em a good home!

Yesterday, the Gutter Cat Gang saw an anonymous wallet scoop a 1/2 dozen rad AF rodents, ranging from two Pink Fur Coats to a Gold Fur Rat!

Check out the collection below, which cost 1.2939 ETH:

Gutter Rat #362 is a baller 7-Trait rodent with White Fur, Yellow Eyes, BTC Earring, Whiskers, Mohawk, Mamba Shirt, and a Blue Background.

A 6-Trait Rat, #580 rocks 6-Traits, with Camo Fur, Gold Cross Earring, VR Eyes, Gold Teeth, Stubble Beard, and a White Background.

#2078 is another 6-Trait Rat, with Orange Tabby Fur, Ski Goggles Eyes, Sarge Hat, White Tank Shirt, Silver Hoop Earring, and a Green Background.

Gutter Rat #2620 is a 7-Trait rodent with Grey Tats Fur, Yellow Eyes, Whiskers, American Hat, Headphones Necklace, Pink Fur Coat, and a Blue Background.

Gutter Rat #2196 is an 8-Trait rodent, with Black Fur, Gutta Goggles, Gold Hoop Earring, Blue Bandana, Gold Tooth Mouth, Thin Silver Necklace, Pink Fur Coat, and a Pink Background.

Congrats on the Rats, Gang!

Follow @guttercatimes for more news from the streetz of the Gutter.

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