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Gutter Primetime: GCG Member Troy Caylak Gets "Gang Gang" On HBO's Hit Show 'Barry!' Find Out More:

Lights, camera, Gang Gang!

Gutter Cat Gang member and actor TurhanTroyCaylak (@TroyCaylak), dropped GCGs famous phrase, "Gang Gang" on HBO's comedy-drama series Barry, giving primetime placement to the Gutter.

Troy recently tweeted, "push the edge, fight for your community to be heard, apologize later if you have it, write lore and build a comic and produce collabs, bridge web 3 culture for web 2 mass consumption, Oh, and make sure you improvise lines like "GangGang" in front of Bill Hader and have it broadcasted on the season 3 opening trailer of Barry."

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Troy to get the scoop on his "Gang Gang" shoutout and how he dropped it during a scene.

He said, "I like to do shit and see if I can get away with it, and then apologize later. "

Troy explained that he'd heard from HBO that he and other Barry actors would need to reshoot four new Season 3 scenes: "This is alpha. If they have to do reshoots, they're down to the wire."

He told the GCT, "In the scene, I had one line, "yes, yes." My character is in a Gang, and I'm in the Gutter Cat Gang. I thought, if the joke works, it works. I didn't tell anyone and it was a perfect opportunity."

"We did a rehearsal and I said, 'Yes, Gang Gang,' and I told the other actor why I did it. I said I'm into NFTs and help build communities, and this is something we say to each other, like a salutation...We did the scene 3 more times and the line is in the middle, so it can't be cut out."

Troy was stoked to get it on tape: "Then, someone in the Gutter saw the trailer and they were like 'holy shit.' I did it for the culture, not for nefarious reasons. It was inspired and calculated. I thought of it when I rehearsed it. For the Gutter culture!"

The Gang community showed up with love on the TL, with JBond saying, "GANG GANG is culture," and reubs replying, "Love it!"

The Gutter Cat times will continue to bring you more for the culture and from the community!

Follow along @guttercattimes on Twitter for all things Gutter, all the time.

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