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Gutter Mindset: Gang Builds Brand For Mainstream Adoption

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

This past weekend saw lots of hype when Gutter Dan shared the OG Gutter Cat Gang "draft" Cat and GCG community got their "GUTTER" on to amplify the Gang.

In the midst of it all, Gutter Mitch (@GutterMitch) tweeted this question: "What is the 'Gutter' mindset to you?"

The Gang jumped in to respond: r0se.puffergang.eth (@r0seNY) said that the 'Gutter' mindset means: "Making it work with what you have. Getting to it every day. Not turning your back on your people."

Case (@0xCase_eth) added, "Getting after it, hard work, self reliance, self made, determination, overcoming adversity.....fckn shit up b/c nobody else thought we could, so we show 'em what's up."

Others like 412NFT.eth (@412nft) replied, "Grinding. Loyalty. Determined. No quit." And 6'3 w/the shoes off (@6_threee) said, "Resilience. Hard working. Got that DOG in em'."

Even Gutter Ric (@gutterric) shared what 'Gutter' mindset means to him: "Firm and determined mind or spirit. Unyielding courage in the face of controversy or hardship. The underdog that can beat you by 30 in your own gym."

Gutter Mitch then reflected back to the Gang how this 'Gutter' mindset feeds into the Gang's brand: "Great brands evoke primal feelings. Gutter evokes stronger, deeper, raw emotions and feelings than any other web-3 native brand. This is why if we can nail the top of the funnel strategy we have the best chance of mainstream adoption and becoming a household name."

Gutter's got that dog in 'em: a determined, gritty, got your back Gang. With the momentum of the community, 2023 looks to be an opportunity build this Gutter brand. Gang MF Gang!

We'll be here with the Gang as they make their play for mainstream adoption. Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more Gang Gang updates and news from the Gutter.

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