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GUTTER MAGIC: GCG Member Lethaumaturge Casts A Spell On His Harry Gutter Potter Collection!

The Gutter Cat Gang, a "collection that lived," is going to be spellbound by Lethaumaturge's latest 'ItsNotAGutter' drop, a magical set of Harry Potter inspired characters crossed with a little extra Gutter!

"Yer a wizard Harry" he tweeted earlier today. "The new Harry Gutter set from @ItsNotaGutter is coming soon! Exclusive drop tomorrow, 11/15/23 • 6 pm EST. 10 items 1/1: 0.05 each. Reserve your Harry Gutter now (DM me for presale). GCG owner reduced price 0.04. GangGang."

Lethaumaturge (@le_thaumaturge) showed off illustrations that resemble the books' and movies' well-known characters, including Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, Snape, and others. Check out the link below:

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Lethaumaturge to find out more about what inspired the art and how Gang can

"I wanted to continue doing 1/1 art, and decided to explore a saga that I love, Harry Potter. I really enjoyed drawing these little wizards straight out of the Gutter. Being a very big fan of the saga myself, I couldn't imagine not putting them in my collection."

Check out his Harry Gutter character below:

He added, "I'm planning to make 500 1/1s for my overall collection. Many of the Cats come from cinematographic culture, like with Harry Gutter.

"The next drop will be on Christmas and Christmas movies," he said, dropping some alpha for the Gang.

In addition to the monthly drops, Lethaumaturge creates custom art and discusses with each community member what they'd like, step by step from idea to creation. Be sure to hit him up for this collection or a custom 1/1!

The Harry Gutter collection drops on 11/15 at 6PM, and GCG members can DM Lethaumaturge for the early bird price of .04!

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to amplify the community's artists, builders, and creators. Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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