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Gutter Magic: Degen Doses Brings Trippy Treats To The Gutter

Gutter Cat Gang members might be degens, but they're degen creators and innovators, putting ideas into action and Gutter IP into use!

One Gang community member, HD (@hdextractsETH) created magic mushroom chocolate bars called Degen Doses (@degendoses), and goes Gutter with his branding.

@degendoses joined the Gutter around May, 2022, and was drawn to the Gang because of the vibe and community the GCG was cultivating. He said, "back in high school the homies and I called ourselves the gutterfunkkids so I really resonated with the Gutter..."

Having grown weed for for the last 10 years, he got into growing mushrooms - learning history and cultivation - and then started mixing those with chocolate to make his Degen Doses bars.

HD reps OG Cat #1878 on the bars' packaging and bars themselves, a 6-trait, with Calico Fur, Squinted Yellow Eyes, Stubble Beard, Donnie Hair, a Thin Gold Necklace, and Pink Background.

His gang gang creations show up on his Twitter feed: "fungi-rainbow mushroom bars in shades that will make your taste buds sing! @degendoses"

Other delectable bars include "funfetti chocolate Keebler fudge cookies in the base."

Gang are stoked on these bars. Sticky Finger Jones (@JonesSticky) tweeted, "Can't contain my excitement for my upcoming trip and trying this new @degendoses candy bar I've been eyeing! it's the little things that make life even sweeter. Can't wait to indulge in some 'chocolatey goodness!"

Other Gang have responded to the pictures of bars @degendoses and HD post. BULLFATHER (@BullFath3r) said, "I can't wait to get to the States and indulge in some of the goodies," and Woof Dunkerton (@WoofDunkerton) added, "Gas me up bro LFG."

In a December 2022, on @AllOfUsRadio Episode #85, HD said he calls his Cat "Donnie Long," and bought it to "see what he could do with it." He's testing out his Gutter Cat packaging and people think it's "cool." He added, "IRL friends love it - 'whoa, what's that Cat?'" He's experimenting with different colors so that his OG Cat "stands out." His vision going forward is to get additional assets together and continue to grow the business.

Gang can get in on these magic vibes by reaching out to HD (@hdextractsETH) or Degen Doses (@degendoses) on Twitter. Gang MF Gang!

Follow @guttercattimes on Twitter for more news and community spotlights from the Gutter.

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