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Gutter Kid: Gutter Mitch Mints 1/1, Gang Celebrates!

Gang Gang from the Gutter!

The Gang welcomed a new member today, as GCG Co-founder, Gutter Mitch

(@GutterMitch) tweeted, "Minted a new Gutter baby. Welcome to the world and gang son! Where are all of the web3 dads at?"

Gutter Mitch shared a picture of his son next to a limited edition @Jugrnaut x @GutterCatGang Cat plushie. They appear to be holding hands (cue the "awwwwww").

The Gang and others reacted with excitement, celebrating the newest addition to the Gutter Cat Gang!

A1 (@A1IsBack) tweeted, "Congrats Mitch! Welcome to the club. Wen Baby Gutter Merch?" Mitch replied, "Forreal need to get on that!"

Gutter's Associate Creative Director, brettmaurer.eth (@brettmaurer) wrote, "Huge congrats on building your full set! Life is beautiful." Gutter Mitch responded, "Hell yeah fullset for the win!"

GCG community member wenrat.eth (@stonkin2021) said, "minted a grail:)" and Gutter Mitch exclaimed, "1/1 that's for sure!"

Others across NFT communities also chimed in with their best wishes and excitement. DigitalMisfits.eth (@DigitalxMisfits) tweeted, "Congrats Mitch! I'm expecting a boy this month too. LFG Dads of Web3." Mitch replied, "Amazing! Truly life changing experience. Who needs sleep anyway! Dads of Web3."

Congrats to Gutter Mitch and family on your newest addition to the Gang and your new adventures as a web3 dad! Gang Gang!

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