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GUTTER JAVA: GCG's Gutter Mud Caffeinates The Gutter Community! Find Out More About This GCG Business & How To Get Your Brew:

Updated: Feb 5

There's nothing like a little jolt of java to wake up the Gutter!

GutterMud.eth (@GutterMud) has been caffeinating the citizens of Gutter City with their delicious brew since 2022, and they're launching a 35% off sale today, using code "LUCKY35" on the website:

"Gutter Morning!  Dive into the Shadows with Gutter Mud today as we unveil enigmatic elixirs that redefine the coffee underworld. Experience the clandestine charm of our new brews. Venture into the depths of flavor with Gutter Muds latest secrets," Gutter Mud tweeted earlier.

The Gutter Cat Times reached out to Gutter Mud to find out more about how they got into the Gutter and launched their coffee business.

Gutter Mud's team is a trio: Gutter _JEM777 (@xxm3njxx), LiveEasy.eth (@JosephJManzo), and KennyPowers.eth (@goaf1).

"We joined the Gang in summer of '21, right around the time Pigeons and Dogs got introduced," they explained. As collectors of sports' cards and memorabilia, they were drawn to the art and community of the Gutter Cat Gang: "We couldn't resist joining!"

LiveEasy told the GCT, "Gutter_JEM777 came up with the idea while drinking his morning coffee. He thought it would be an amazing idea to put our species on a coffee bag. The three of us got chatting about it and created a detailed business plan. A week later we filed all the necessary documents to establish Gutter Mud as an official entity and the rest is history."

LiveEasy explained that they've learned a lot since launching: "Gutter Mud is going extremely well now, with new products launching this first week of February, and new blends being added every few months."

Their new products include a Cold Brew, chocolate bar, Colombian Aloha, and a Golden Carmel coffee!

He added, "We have a lot of activations launching this year and truly can’t wait to show the world how hard we been working to bring them a product made by the Gutter for the Gutter." Get a look at some of the Gutter Mud variations below:

Gang and other communities can get their fix for Gutter Mud on their website: They're also in talks with coffee shops / delis in NY and NJ and other top stores across the U.S. to bring their brew to brick and mortar businesses!

"Gutter Mud Coffee will be a household name one day," LiveEasy told the Gutter Cat Times. "We're also doing giveaways for coffee, Clones, and OG species, so head over to our Twitter @GutterMud, turn those notifications on, and keep an eye out for all upcoming product launches and giveaway opportunities!"

Gutter Mud is also aiming to plan events for the whole community to vibe with: "Until then, we hope you all enjoy the sweet aromas of Gutter Mud coffee when you wake up in the morning. Gang gang!" Check out the cold brew below, available via their website:

The Gutter Cat Times will continue to follow Gutter Mud and their business, and bring updates to the community. Great to see GCG members using their IP, so head over to and grab some joe!

Follow along @guttercattimes on X for all things Gutter, all the time.

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